Central Zone

Mountain range, sea, vineyards.

Almost 2 hours riding west from Santiago, you can reach the central coast zone, where the Litoral de los Poetas (Poet´s coast) is an important attraction. Pablo Neruda, Vicente Huidobro, Nicanor Parra and other great Chilean writers were sheltered in these marvelous landscapes. Another essential hotspot is Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. In this World Heritage, its characteristic hills hit the sea and shelt the traditions and night life of one of the most important harbors in Southamerica.

At the same distance, but east, the Cajón del Maipo route enters into the high mountains following a sinuous and asphalted road to Baños Morales town. Retaking the east way, the road becomes sandy and better rider´s techniques are needed, at most in winter.

If we ride south, the vineyards zone delivers a rich gastronomy and the availability of being taught about Chilean wine´s history and its elaboration process. A wine taste is an essential visiting Chile and the central zone valleys are which stand out because of its climate conditions. You can’t pass Santa Cruz by, here come together the ancient wine traditions, a museum with one of the most important prehispanic gold objects collections over the world, a casino and comfortable hotels.

Routes and attractions of the area


  • Santiago –Cajón del Maipo (to Baños Colina)
  • Santiago -Mendoza
  • Santiago – Viña del Mar – Valparaíso
  • Santiago – San Antonio – Algarrobo
  • Santiago – Santa Cruz
  • Santiago Pichilemu y ruta costera to the south

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