Small North

Beaches, observatory and magic valleys

Our country´s III and IV región are known as Norte Chico (little north). Riding on the coast highways, you can visit Bahía Inglesa and the wonderful beaches south from it, which can be reached riding a non difficult offroad way, Chañaral de Aceituno and Punta de Choros, where cetaceans and other sea mammals could be easily seen.

The Andes mountains in this area offer rich great valleys and a pretty clean sky that allows at night one of the best conditions over the world for stars watching. You can also visit the pisco factories, a spirit beverage made from local grapes, and taste some different varieties.

Routes and attractions of the area


  • Copiapó – Paso San Francisco
  • Vallenar – Huasco – Caldera – Copiapó
  • La Serena – Punta de Choros – Caleta Chañaral
  • La Serena – Vicuña – Paihuano – Pisco Elqui
  • La Serena – Vicuña – Paso Agua Negra
  • Los Vilos – Illapel – Caimanes

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