It is a large concrete sculpture located 75 km south of Antofagasta on Route 5. Made by the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázaval, who also made the Hand of Punta del Este, in Uruguay. Taking a picture with the motorcycle next to this giant is almost an obligation for every rider.

San Pedro de Atacama is a point of great tourist attraction since it is surrounded by unmissable natural wonders. From this small town with an attractive gastronomic offer you can visit the #Tatio geysers, the beautiful #valledelaluna and #valledelamuerte. A strong #aymara heritage completes this magical place that has forced many foreigners to settle there.

The ruins of the settlements that housed the saltpeter workers tell us about a way of life from Chile’s recent past. It is possible to visit #Humberstone, #SantaLaura and #Chacabuco, walk through its most characteristic streets and buildings.